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Marketing Principles We Value Above All

1 Have a clear, detailed and strategic process to revenue with your marketing efforts.

2 You need to execute a long term gameplan composed of series of smart actions.

3 Visual stimuli saturates easily, stories never do. Marketing is storytelling.

4 People need to appreciate you before doing business with you.

5 Delight people who interact with you and the rest will happen naturally.

6 Double down on what works and cut off budgets & efforts on what doesn't work.

What We Do

Social Media Marketing | Upearance Marketing Solutions Social Media Management

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With a robust and elaborate social media strategy backed by great content, we will help you achieve the social media results you've always dreamt of.

Starting at $399/month

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Online Advertising | Upearance Marketing Solutions Online Advertising

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Advertising is tricky to average person, our team has proven time and time again how three-stage ads pay the highest fruit with extensive segmentation.

Starting at $899/month

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Email Marketing | Upearance Marketing Solutions Email Marketing

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Easily the most effective and cost efficient marketing method, let out team of experts create compelling emails that get high open rates, click through rates and conversion rates.

Starting at $699/month

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Website Design | Upearance Marketing Solutions Website Design

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The first step to a great online presence is a website that delights and converts; our UI/UX team has mastered the art of making beautiful websites that convert.

Starting at $999 one time!

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E-Commerce Design | Upearance Marketing Solutions E-Commerce Development

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Selling online? Create an online storefront doesnt need to be difficult. Our team creates e-commerce websites backed with Shopify to launch you to sucess and scalability.

Starting at $1299 one time!

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SEO & SERP | Upearance Marketing Solutions SEO & SERP

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Having a great site is but the tip of the iceberg, we can help make sure your website gets found by the right audience so you can reap the benefits of free traffic from search engines.

Starting at $499 per month

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Affiliate Marketing | Upearance Marketing Solutions Affiliate Marketing

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No business grows like when hoards of people are promoting it with consistent intent. We can help you take your business to the next level through affiliate marketing.

Starting at $1499 per month

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Smart Live Chat | Upearance Marketing Solutions Smart Live Chat

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When it comes to communication on the internet, every second matters and affects opportunity cost. Get our team to design smart live chat series to funnel your chats at scale.

Starting at $499 one time!

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Content Creation | Upearance Marketing Solutions Content Creation

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People react to images and video that are stimulating, relatable and contain a clear message; our team has the expertise to produce this type of content time and time again

Starting at $199 per production

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Platforms & Media Channels

Platforms & Media Channels

Why Choose Us

  • We are thorough and detail oriented.
  • We truly care about your end user.
  • Your success is our success.
  • We follow the data and double down on what works
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Our Process

With specialties in content marketing, social media, advertising, user experience, video, website development we are certain we will exceed your expectations.


Analytics, business related information and industry research will allow us to identify your strengths and weaknesses so to best address your threats and opportunities.


Following our SWOT analysis, our team will uncover the smartest way to market your business using your strengths & assets with industry leading strategies.


Content is King. No matter what or how you advertise, your visual presentation needs to be enticing, engaging and relatable. A great sense for entertainment puts our creative abilities to work to create delightful content.


Building off our conclusions, we will curate a result driven strategy to drive growth on all fronts from exposure, consideration and action.


A combination of expert skills, talent, experience and the latest technologies enable us to execute high-end marketing efforts bound to deliver above-average results for your business every single time.


Some of the companies we are proud to have helped grow.

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Our Team

Meet our experts.

Karim Tawfic

Karim Tawfic

Marketing Director & CEO

Adrianna Zakher

Adrianna Zakher

Social Media Manager

Youssef Sabry

Youssef Sabry

Creative Director

Eric Catalogna CFO

Eric Catalogna

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Jay Descartin

Robert Jay Descartin

Web Developer / Designer

Kim Lachance

Kim Lachance

Media Buyer

About Upearance

About Upearance

Upearance has been successfully helping companies in multiple industries grow their business using expert strategies and tactics in digital marketing since 2017. Our organization has grown and come a very long way and we keep become marketers and team mates with every passing day, project, task and touch of art. Not only have we been re-thinking our software products, services, marketing and sales strategies, but most notably we’ve also been re-thinking the principles behind how we work collectively towards a common goal at Upearance whether that be as company, organization & ourselves. This isn’t corporate america here, people come before profit and we're in the business of helping people succeed in business.

We strongly believe money in the first place has no value without us people. Thus, we must act as so by take good care of ourselves and everyone we can help within our organization. These are the values we stand behind, with our clients and their customers alike.

A multi-talented team of driven individuals always seeking to optimize each and every part & component of every client's marketing strategy. We believe cohesion, good communication and laser focused targeting are the key ingredients for our team to deliver the best result every single time for any and all marketing related challenges we may encounter while your business succeed.

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